Trood Morrison, Berwick & Borders Yoga

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My name is Trood and I've been practising yoga for the past 24 years. I first went along to classes to keep a friend company. I confess, I was more interested in the coffee and cake afterwards...

As time went on I realised that I was getting more out of yoga than the physical challenge (and the cake); it was bringing me a sense of calm, and for the first time I was gaining an insight into who I really was.


In 2014, I finally took the plunge and successfully gained my 500-hour, CYQ Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga. 

As I spent a few years pretending to write sitcoms for the BBC it’s not a huge surprise that I work with a sense of fun, acceptance and irreverence. There's a lot of laughter. I’m forever pondering whether I should take things more seriously but remind myself that the yoga industry is saturated with over-earnest folk banging on about their blocked third eye, usually in a string bikini.


I want yoga to be accessible to you ~ someone who’s interested in their own innate spirituality (rather than trying one on for size), someone whose body grumbles when asked to run for a bus, someone who likes baggy t-shirts and joggers, and binge-watches First Dates Hotel (best programme ever).

Come and join me. No judgement, no criticism. Just turn up and see what happens. I don’t care if you can’t touch your toes or can flip up into handstands. None of it matters.


What matters is you’ve started the search for something more. 


Trudy Morrison, Berwick & Borders Yoga, Handstand


Trudy Morrison, Berwick & Borders Yoga, with collie dog Mr Kip

I'm co-founder of Bab'yama Wellness Hub in Berwick-upon-Tweed, a space that provides yoga, meditation and healing to the local community.

I'm a former Trustee of Yoga Scotland, the Governing Body for Yoga for Scotland, and editor of Yoga Scotland Magazine.

This little guy is Mr Kip, a border/beardy cross rescue and a total sweetheart. You'll see him in the B&BY videos, usually scratching or licking himself inappropriately ...

look at that face!