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F A Q s

What do I need to bring to class?

Clearing up a few of the most commonly asked questions.

What do I wear?

I'm not very bendy - can I do yoga?

Are your classes suitable for beginners?

I'm anxious about being the worst one in the room. Should I be?

Um ... and I'm also anxious about, y'know ... wind.  

Why do I have to pay in blocks? It seems unfair if I can't get to a class.

Does it matter if I've missed the start of term?

Where can I get a yoga mat from?

Do you have a yoga mat I can borrow?

A yoga mat - a no-brainer, I know! Also bring a blanket. It makes a great prop and final relaxation bliss!

Comfortable sportswear that you can layer and won't

ride up or fall down. Yoga is done in bare feet.

I'll let you into a secret - neither am I! Look, yoga isn't about how flexible you are; it's about the breath, about learning how to be present. You'll rock.

Yes, absolutely. The joy of yoga is that every pose can be modified or progressed to suit the stage you're at. 

No, no, no! Yoga is totally non-competitive. Forget about any notion of doing it "right". As long as you're breathing you're doing yoga!  

You're bending, twisting - something's gotta give, right? Avoid eating at least an hour before class,

ideally two, and you'll be fine!

Two reasons:

1. People like to see progress on their yoga journey but hopelessly lack commitment if there is an alternative place to be. Paying in advance works as an excellent carrot to keep your motivation high. High motiviation = results!

2. Class numbers fluctuate wildly from week to week but I still have to pay overheads whether there is 20 in a class or three. If you choose not to come to class one week, I can stay relaxed knowing that I've got my bills covered. Also, you have the option to attend another venue if you can't make your usual class. 

If you've booked your block but weren't able to make the first one, it's fine. I go over things regularly so you won't be left behind.

Locally, you can get a cheap and cheerful mat from Argos, Home Bargains or Sports Direct. You'll pay around £5-£15.

If you want a mat to last, then Yoga Matters has a great selection at reasonable prices. 

Yes. If you're new to yoga and are not sure you want to commit to buying your own mat, then you're welcome to borrow one for the first week or two.

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